The Wish Maker Fog and Mirrors

"Do you have a dark wish that you never told anyone? Perhaps, a wish to go back in time to do harm to others, or maybe even kill someone? Maybe a wish to undo a secret wrong that needs to be righted? What if that dark wish you hold so close was visible to another, and they offered you a chance to go back in time? Would you accept the offer? If you did, could you live with the outcome?
Raphael, the Wish Maker, can make wishes come true. But with anything of great value, it will not come cheap, and there are unbreakable rules that must be followed. First, you make the wish. Second, you pay the price. Third, and very important, you cannot change your mind once the wish is granted. Fourth, you must live with the outcome once the wish is completed.
There are two important caveats to remember along your way; first, you cannot reveal that you have traveled back in time, and the second is that you cannot change the path of anyone not involved directly in your wish. There are dire consequences for breaking the rules.

Have you made your wish today?"