Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzles & Fountain Heads – Himalaya Fountain Factory Supply

Fountain nozzles can display different water shapes and patterns, like fans, cascades, geysers, or spirals. Each fountain nozzle is made to form an unique water feature that makes you feel a certain way when you look at it.
Himalaya Music Fountain is a professional fountain manufacturer based in China, we supply various types of water fountain nozzles including:
2D & 3D Digital Fountain Nozzle
Comet Fountain Nozzle(current fountain nozzle)
Plat Fan Fountain Nozzle
Peacock Fountain Nozzle
Crystal Fountain Nozzle
Bubble Fountain Nozzle
Mist Fountain Nozzle(Fog Fountain Nozzle)
Dandelion Fountain Nozzle
Super High Fountain Nozzle
Mushroom Fountain Nozzle
Rotating Fountain Nozzle
Wind-mill Fountain Nozzle
Cascade Fountain Nozzle
Himalaya Music Fountain Nozzles are with stainless steel 304 material, other fountain equipment like fountain pumps, LED lights, fountain control system are also on sale, welcome to contact for more details!
We are a professional fountain manufacturer in China, with over 16 years’ experience in fountain construction, have built hundreds of fountains in more than 35 countries. We offer one-top solutions of fountains including fountain design, fountain equipment production, fountain installation and maintenance.
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