Musical Water Fountain System Fountain Control Software

The music fountain is a high-tech and high-reliability control system mainly composed of configuration software, music signal converter, programmable logic controller (PLC), frequency converter, sound system, lighting system and other industrial control devices.It integrates music control, programmable control, artificial intelligence control technology, and integrates the most popular advanced scientific and technological achievements in the world today. It is an industrial field control system.
The upper computer of the music fountain control system is an on-site control system composed of multimedia computers, which can realize the whole process of real-time sound control, and can identify the melody, rhythm, musicality and audio intensity of the music by itself.The system has the function of synchronizing audio and water shape, with convenient operation interface and function of arranging music. The fountain can change according to the ups and downs of the music.Users can write their favorite music programs on the editing interface. The playback system can realize the unified atmosphere of music, water and lighting, and the synchronization of playback.
In addition to water and lighting,the music fountain control system incorporate other visual effects like projection mapping, lasers, or video screens to complement the overall performance. These effects can be coordinated with the music to create a multisensory experience.
The program-controlled fountain is mainly through the PLC to control various water types and lights according to the preset arrangement and combination for control program design.when the fountain plan is determined,according the change of the water pattern in plan and write the program into PLC,and send a control signal through the PLC operation program to make the water type and light change according to the programmed changes.This change can be repeated continuously according to the pre-programmed design.