Kochi Diaries: A Local's Guide to the Best Hangout Places in the City

Kochi, a vibrant coastal city in Kerala, offers a variety of hangout places for locals and tourists alike. Here are some popular hangout spots in Kochi:

Fort Kochi Beach: This iconic beach is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. You can enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore, witness stunning sunsets, and even find street vendors selling local snacks.

Princess Street: Located in Fort Kochi, Princess Street is a bustling lane lined with shops, cafes, and art galleries. It's an excellent place for shopping, sipping coffee, and exploring local art.

Marine Drive: This picturesque promenade along the backwaters of Kochi is perfect for a peaceful evening walk. You can also take a boat ride to enjoy the scenic views.

LuLu Mall: One of the largest malls in India, LuLu Mall is a shopping and entertainment hub. It features a wide range of shops, restaurants, a food court, and a cinema.

Kashi Art Cafe: Known for its artistic ambiance and delicious food, Kashi Art Cafe is a popular hangout for art and food lovers.

Brewery and Pub Scene: Kochi has a growing brewery and pub culture. Places like The Postcard, Seagull, and Micro Brew House offer craft beers and a lively atmosphere.

David Hall Gallery & Cafe: This cultural center hosts art exhibitions, performances, and workshops. It's a great place to engage with the local arts scene.

Vypeen Island: Take a ferry to Vypeen Island, where you can explore serene beaches, fishing villages, and a lighthouse.