How does Facebook virtual number verification work?

Facebook virtual number verification works by adding an extra layer of security to the login process. When a user enables virtual number verification on their Facebook account, they are prompted to associate a virtual phone number with their account.

During the login process, when the user enters their credentials, Facebook sends a verification code to the virtual phone number associated with the account. The user must then enter this verification code to complete the login process successfully.

By requiring this additional verification step, Facebook ensures that the person logging in is in possession of the virtual phone number linked to the account. This helps prevent unauthorized access and adds an extra level of protection against potential security breaches.

Virtual number verification not only enhances security but also aids in account recovery. In case of forgotten passwords or compromised accounts, users with virtual number verification can utilize the associated virtual phone number to facilitate a smoother and faster account recovery process.

Overall, Facebook virtual number verification offers an effective means of verifying user identities, enhancing security, and protecting accounts from unauthorized access.