Ammolite is an iridescent, multi-colored gemstone found mainly in Canada. Although ammolite appears opal-like, it is an organic gemstone that is the fossilized shell of ammonite, an extinct mollusk. Ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones because the current supply of ammolite is limited and it's estimated that only 5% of the world's ammolite is gem-grade and usable.In this blog, we will discuss the properties of ammolite, along with its healing attributes, and legends related to this gem which make it a great treasure.

Explore The World of Ammolite Jewelry

The best grade of ammolite which is used in making premium Ammolite Jewelry possesses a minimum of three colors from different color families. The main color families are blue (along with purple), red (along with yellow and orange), and green. Also, higher concentrations of certain rare hues increase the overall value of ammolite jewelry. Wondering about the rarest color of ammolite? Well, purple is the rarest. This means that the more purple in a piece of ammolite jewelry, the greater its value. Crimson and gold are also seen to have similar effects.