Camping In The Ananthagiri Hills: A True Adventure

A wonderful approach to appreciate the grandeur of the Eastern Ghats and its surrounds is to go camping in the Ananthagiri Hills. The Ananthagiri Hills, which are located in Andhra Pradesh's Rangareddy district, are the ideal place to get away from the bustle of the city.

Camping in the Ananthagiri Hills is a fantastic way to discover the local fauna and natural environment. Numerous endangered species live in the hills along with a wide variety of other plants and animals. Numerous other animals, including sloth bears, sambar deer, wild boar, barking deer 🦌, porcupines, and Indian Gaur (bison), can be seen. Peacocks 🦚, mynas, and parakeets are just a few of the species that live in the hills.

Safety Tips For an Amazing Adventure Vacation At Ananthagiri Hills

1. Research the location 🗺️ Before going on an adventure vacation, it is important to research the area thoroughly to know what kind of environment you will be encountering. This includes reading up on the terrain, weather patterns and any potential hazards that may exist.

2. Bring essential items ✅ Make sure to bring all necessary items for your trip such as a first-aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent and any other medication or supplies you may need during your stay in Ananthagiri Hills camp. It is also wise to carry a GPS device or map of the area in order to navigate around more easily and safely if needed.

3. Wear appropriate clothing 🦺 When visiting Ananthagiri Hills camping it is important to wear clothes that are comfortable but practical for outdoor activities such as trekking and climbing hillsides etc.. Sturdy shoes with good grip will also help keep you stable while navigating rougher terrain so make sure these are included in your packing list!