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Procedure for Hindu Funeral Service by Prakruthi Ambulance

1. Initial Contact and Arrangements:

When a loved one passes away, the family should contact Prakruthi Ambulance to arrange for the transportation of the deceased to the cremation or burial site.
Our compassionate and experienced team will guide the family through the process and provide support during this difficult time.
2. Preparation of the Deceased:

Once the deceased is transported to the cremation or burial site, Prakruthi Ambulance will ensure proper handling and preparation. This includes bathing, dressing in traditional attire, and placing the body on a bier.
3. Rituals and Traditions:

Hindu funeral services are steeped in tradition. Prakruthi Ambulance understands the significance of these customs and will coordinate with priests or religious leaders to conduct appropriate rituals.
Rituals may include prayers, offerings, and the lighting of the funeral pyre (in the case of cremation).
4. Funeral Procession:

Prakruthi Ambulance will arrange for a dignified and solemn procession to the cremation or burial ground.
The body is carried in a decorated vehicle or on a bier, and family and friends often follow in the procession.
5. Cremation or Burial:

Depending on the family's preferences, Prakruthi Ambulance will facilitate the cremation or burial process.
In the case of cremation, the body is placed on the funeral pyre, and the cremation process is initiated.
In the case of burial, the body is lowered into the grave, and rituals are performed.
6. Post-Funeral Support:

Prakruthi Ambulance remains with the family, offering support and assistance after the funeral service is complete.
We can help with paperwork, transportation, and any additional needs.
7. Final Prayers and Mourning:

After the cremation or burial, a final prayer service is often conducted to honor the departed soul.
Family and friends gather to pay their respects and share condolences.
8. Grief Counseling