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Light up your Products using AMP Pigments’ Glow in the Dark Pigments

AMP Pigments manufactures Glow in the Dark Pigment commonly known as Radium Powder used in varieties of applications. AMP Pigments' glow-in-the-dark pigments are exported to numerous nations, including Vietnam, the... Read More

AMP Pigments is Manufacturer and Exporter of Glow in the Dark Pigments

Materials that are able to absorb and store light energy from sources like sunlight or artificial lighting and then release it as visible light in the dark are known as... Read More

AMP Pigments has available various Colours Polymers for Seed Coating

Seed coating polymers from AMP Pigments give a smooth and uniform surface to seeds, making them easy to deal with farm and plant. These Seed Polymers are helpful for agriculture,... Read More

Premium Pearlescent Pigments Manufacturer in India | AMP Pigments

AMP Pigments’ Pearlescent Pigments are trusted by every industrie around the world. Our obligation to quality and development has procured us a standing as a main manufacturer of varieties of... Read More

AMP Pigments manufactures varieties of Pearl Pigment and Exports in various countries

AMP Pigments, a leader in the Pigment manufacturing industry,manufactures a variety of pearl pigments that influence different businesses across the world, including countries like Italy, Nepal, Algeria, Kenya and more.... Read More