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1)The first takeaway from the book is that we should focus on companies whose products we ourselves regularly use or encounter in everyday life.for example,if you and everyone around you... Read More

Dividend Let's suppose the company has earned a profit . The company can repay debt , expand or keep it for cash reserves or if it can pay a part of... Read More

What is undervaluation? Any stock which is undervalued is determined by a relative basis and is measured in comparison with something.for comparison a stock's valuation for a stock can be done... Read More

It is a fundamental rule but a very useful can estimate here that in how many years will your money double? You have to divide 72 by the rate... Read More

Upper circuit An upper circuit is the maximum price to which a stock is allowed to move upwards.When a stock hits the upper circuit there are only buyers and no... Read More

(1) CASA ratio CASA ratio stands for current account to saving account ratio. The CASA ratio tells the contribution of current and savings accounts to the bank's liabilities.since the bank has... Read More

(1) solvency ratio The solvency ratio for insurance companies is a measure of the ability to meet their financial obligations and remain financially stable overtime. Simply the solvency ratio looks at... Read More