Aluminium Polykraft Coil Suppliers

HK Group, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, stands out as the premier supplier and distributor of Aluminium Polykraft Coil across India. These coils feature an aluminium coil coated with polyethylene and laminated with kraft paper backing, commonly employed in the insulation industry for pipe insulation, duct insulation, and thermal insulation applications.

The polykraft coating endows exceptional moisture and vapor barrier properties, thwarting corrosion and oxidation of the aluminium coil. Simultaneously, the kraft paper backing augments strength and durability, rendering the coil tear and puncture-resistant. Furthermore, the Aluminium Polykraft Coil, apart from its stellar insulation attributes, is lightweight and facile to install, offering a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial insulation needs. Our offerings encompass a range of coil sizes, thicknesses, and colors, catering to diverse customer requirements. Additional services like cutting, slitting, and shaping are also provided to tailor the coils precisely to our clients' specifications.

Notably, Aluminium is a highly energy-efficient material, necessitating less energy for production compared to steel, thereby contributing to reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The environmental benefits of Aluminium Polykraft Coils, including durability, recyclability, energy efficiency, lightweight, and low maintenance, make them an eco-friendly choice for construction and manufacturing applications. At HK Group, we ensure affordability without compromising quality, presenting Aluminium Polykraft Coils at competitive prices, thus offering a compelling value proposition to our clientele.