20W Energy Saver Bulb CFL Compact Flourescent Light

This 20W energy saver bulb is meant to fit onto E27 bulb holder which is also called screw type bulb holder.

This energy saving bulb is meant for general purpose use in almost any application such as at home or in commercial buildings.

These energy saving globes, as they are in South Africa locally, are very efficient at converting electrical energy to light energy. Proper and technical name for these devices is 20W CFL bulb(Compact Fluorescent Lamp).

These are far more superior when it comes to converting electricity into light compared to their incandescent counterparts. Energy conversion rate of these devices is almost 80% more compared to an incandescent light bulb.

These energy saving bulbs also called energy saving globe are almost at par compared to some of LED bulbs.

Energy saving globes are not in the shape of traditional bulbs but they fit into any fitting that require traditional incandescent bulb.

This bulb will be a perfect replacement for incandescent bulb which produce very high amount of heat. Given their lower heat signature a this bulb will be a good choice to use in lights made of plastic or having plastic covers.


CFL / Energy saving bulbs offer a very distinct advantage when compared to their LED that their electronics is far more resilient to voltage spikes which is a real hazard for low quality LED bulbs.

Less susceptible to transient voltages due to robust components used in manufacturing.

Given electricity surges introduced into our local grid these bulbs are better option for consumer.